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Introducingnightshift: multi.

Elevate your music production experience to a new dimension with this stunning new dark mode theme for Logic Pro, the world's best DAW. Carefully designed views, windows, and modules deliver a captivating mix of dark tones and vibrant colors, pleasing your eyes and enhancing your music production workflow.

Say goodbye to uninspiring greys and unlock your creativity with an eye-pleasing dark interface featuring vibrant, meaningful accent colors.

Crafted by a seasoned Logic user and professional UX/UI designer with a deep passion for music, nightshift: multi stands as a testament to years of musical experience and design expertise. Designed specifically for musicians and music producers, this theme has swiftly become one of the most sought-after choices for LP Colorizer in 2024.

Elegance meets functionality

Carefully tailored details and an integrated color palette enhance your workflow, allowing seamless alignment with your preferred color-coded organization for arrangements, instrument sections, or logical mixer groups.

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What's included?

Every element adheres to a cohesive design concept, ensuring a seamless and distraction-free workflow in your favourite DAW for music, film and audio production.

  • Transport
  • Transport Display
  • Toolbar
  • Arrange Area
  • Global Tracks
  • Live Loops Grid
  • Mixer
  • Inspector
  • Library
  • List Editors
  • Loop Browser
  • Note Pad
  • Browsers
  • Piano Roll
  • Score Editor
  • Musical Typing
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How does it work?

To use this theme, you need LP Colorizer, the genius customization app for Apple Logic Pro, made by Creationauts. Both the app as well as this theme are available on the official website. After installation, simply select the theme, click 'colorize' and voilà: Happy producing!

Zero impact on performance!

LP Colorizer solely adjusts Logic Pro's GUI preferences without compromising your DAW speed and workflow.

Another track, another mood?

Trust me, it's a snap. Whether you fancy the default skin or even a different theme, it's just a click away.

About me

(and why I made this theme...)

I'm Phil Bauch, originally from Hamburg, Germany but living for a long time in Málaga, Spain. By day, I'm knee-deep in the design world, juggling roles as a graphic and UX designer, and calling the shots as an art director in advertising. But when the day job wraps up, I switch gears to my lifelong love – music.

Let me be clear – I adore Apple's Logic Pro, it's my go-to DAW, deffo. Yet, that not-quite-dark, not-quite-light, mouse-grey tone... Ugh! It always stifled a chunk of my creativity. (A designer's woe, perhaps, but still...)

So this template isn't just a project; it's a reflection of my dual life. I poured my design skills and musical passion into it, creating something that personally inspires me whenever working in Logic Pro.

By the way: More themes are planned, as soon as I'll find the time to carefully design them. Follow me on Facebook, Insta or X to stay informed.

Sunny saludos from Spain,

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